2016 AGM

The 2016 BECS AGM is taking place at 1.30pm in the NFT3 (auditorium 3) of the BFI Southbank, London on Friday 2nd December 2016.  The BFI Southbank is located between the National Theatre and the Royal Festival Hall.  It is a short walk from Waterloo station and can be accessed from the main entrance on the riverfront, or via a side entrance on Theatre Avenue which runs off Upper Ground/Belvedere Road.

This meeting is open to all members and performer heir members of the society.  Members wishing to attend are kindly asked to confirm their attendance by email to becs@equitycollecting.org.uk stating their name and, if possible, their performer reference number (this is the same as your Equity number).

Alternatively members can call the BECS office on 020 7670 0350 or 020 7670 0360 and ask to be added to the attendance list.

Formal documents relating to this year’s meeting can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Notice of Business for AGM on 2nd December 2016

Form of Proxy for those not attending the AGM

Annual Transparency Report 2015-16

The documents shown below were approved by members on 2nd December:

Directors’ Report & Financial Statements to 30 April 2016

Minutes of AGM on 4th December 2015

Proposed new Articles of Association

Proposed new standard terms of Membership Registration Form

Proposed Distribution Rules and Policies

Proposed Policy on Undistributed Amounts

Proposed Investment Policy

Proposed General Policy on Deductions