New Performers Registration Form and Membership Agreement

The BECS Supervisory Committee, which represents the interests of BECS Members and oversees the Board of Management, at its meeting held on 16th July 2018, agreed updated wording for a new registration form and Membership Agreement in order to more efficiently and effectively represent BECS members’ interests in both collecting money on their behalf, and to exercise and enforce the rights which members have mandated BECS to manage.


The new arrangements will better match those used by other UK Collecting Societies by being in the form of an assignment of those rights currently managed by BECS.  There is no change to the rights managed, only the way in which they are managed which will result in better efficiencies and more money being distributed to BECS members.


The new form and agreement will be applied with immediate effect and will assist BECS in carrying out its function more efficiently, particularly in the area of withholding tax and double taxation which, over the last twelve month have reduced BECS payments to members by up to 20%.


BECS remains a totally voluntary membership organisation and members will retain the ability to join or leave BECS as they see fit (subject to the normal notice period).


As with all substantial decisions of the Supervisory Committee, this matter will be presented to the Members’ Annual General Meeting where a formal vote will be taken to ratify this decision.