Income Sources

The main sources of income distributed to performers from BECS are shown below.

  • Private Copying – Private copying is a levy on blank recording equipment or devices that is paid to rights-holders as compensation for legalised private copying. The UK is one of only three EU member states without such a levy. Nevertheless, revenue is collected by BECS on behalf of British performers from levies in other EU member states.
  • Communication to the Public – Communication to the public revenue is paid by broadcasters in some European countries to collecting societies for the broadcast of performers’ work. This is the audiovisual equivalent of the ‘airplay royalties’ system that operates in the audio sector.
  • Rental – Rental remuneration is paid by video/DVD outlets or distributors for the use of performers’ work in the rental market. This revenue is collected by BECS from other European countries and distributed to its members in the UK.