Our international affiliations – SCAPR

As part of our work with overseas collective management organisations (‘CMOs’), BECS is a member of SCAPR, the international trade body that brings together CMOs like us from around the world.

SCAPR, which stands for the Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights, is a not-for-profit organisation based in Brussels funded by affiliation fees paid by its members.  It offers an international platform on which we can cooperate with other societies in order to improve the exchange of data and performers’ rights payments across borders.

Our affiliation to SCAPR assists our work in relation to concluding bilateral agreements with other societies and, once agreements are in place, managing our European and international collections of performer revenues more efficiently.

The support it receives from BECS and over 60 other societies enables SCAPR to develop industry-wide strategies and administrative systems for collecting and distributing performer payments for the benefit of all its members.

Via SCAPR we also support and help fund the development of two international initiatives, the IPD and VRDB2 projects, which provide our industry with shared global performer and repertoire databases.  The databases have been developed with the aim of enhancing the efficiency and accuracy with which performer payments are collected and distributed.

As well as assistance with the exchange of information between CMOs, SCAPR also establishes administrative procedures, legal proceedings and arbitrations, collecting procedures and publishes tariffs and distribution schemes.

For more information visit SCAPR’s website at www.scapr.org.