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The relevant BECS forms can be downloaded and returned to our FREEPOST address, which is printed on each form.

Alternatively, you can email a scanned or edited form to

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If you cannot download the forms, please contact us directly on 020 3946 7800 to request alternative versions.

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This is the form to use when applying for membership of British Equity Collecting Society (BECS).
BECS Registration form_2017 WEB

BECS phased out payments by cheque in July 2011 and replaced these with direct payments into bank or building society accounts. If you have not done so already, please complete and return this form to ensure there is no disruption to your payments.
BECS Direct Payments Form

Overseas Payments Form

For performers with overseas bank accounts, you can use this form to return to us so we can send you your payments via wire transfers.
Wire Transfer Details Form

Change of Payment Instruction Form

This form is for existing BECS members who wish to change to whom their non-contractual payments are made to.