Flat Rate

BBC cable retransmission revenue is distributed on a flat rate performance basis with adjustments for programme duration and multiple repeats on the newer channels.

The revenue is divided by the number of performers, contracted under Equity agreements, on a BBC channel over a year to give a rate per performance. This is then multiplied by the number of appearances a performer has over that year.

In 2007, it was decided that payments should also take into account programme duration in order to differentiate between shorter and longer productions. With the extension in that year of payments to BBC3, BBC4, CBeebies and CBBC as well as BBC1 and 2, it was decided that multiple repeats of the same programme within a one week period should be treated as one transmission for the purposes of calculating payments.

Payments for digital radio station BBC4 Extra are also calculated on a flat rate basis per performance with an adjustment for programme duration.