Administration Fees on Payments issued by BECS

BECS is a not-for-profit organisation and charges are made solely to cover our overheads.  Different rules on deductions apply to revenue collected directly by BECS and deductions on payments administered for Equity.  The current rules are explained below:

Performers’ Rights

BECS aims to keep deductions on revenue collected on behalf of members at the lowest level possible in order to cover our operating costs in relation to the collection, administration and allocation and payment of revenue to individual performers.

All deductions on statutory performers’ rights revenues from overseas are subject to the approval of the society in the country where the revenue originates. The following rates have been approved for deduction as of July 2016.

  • A maximum of 5% is deducted on revenue from the Czech Republic*, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Portugal*, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland;
  • A maximum of 4% is deducted on revenue from Belgium.

*If the total revenue received from a particular country in a certain payment period is comparatively modest in relation to the number of film and television titles it is intended to cover, we may decide to waive deductions for that period.  This was the case in the 2016 summer distribution for revenues from the Czech Republic and Portugal and no deductions were made on Czech and Portuguese payments issued in July.

Equity Payments

Deductions on payments issued for Equity are determined by the union’s governing Council.  Equity members benefit from reduced charges as their subscriptions are used to subsidise the activities of BECS.  Charges are as follows:

BBC, ITV and Channel 4 Cable & Satellite Retransmission Payments:

  • Equity Members 6.67% (8% inclusive of VAT on commission)
  • Non-Equity Members 15% (18% inclusive of VAT on commission)

BBC4 Extra and New Media Services including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and All4 (previously 4oD)

  • No charges